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Child & Teen

Evidence-based practices for children and teens ages 6-17 years old to deal with anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, etc. Teenage and adolescent years are full of emotions, stress, identity exploration, and questioning rules of life. Specialized therapy approaches are offered to address fears, social skills, anxiety, depressed mood, lack of motivation, and issues related to school and social relationships.

Young Adults

Specialized mental health therapy approaches offered for young adults between 18-25 years old to address daily stressors, life's challenges, addressing past traumas, anxiety, depression, lack of direction/motivation and self discovery. Our trained therapist can also assist college students in dealing with academic stress.


Family therapy is often the focus of our well trained therapists at Therapy Today!Family counseling is offered to assist with navigating through difficult times by providing space to explore family dynamics and identifying areas of the family unit that need to be paid attention to through opening of the communication lines.

How we can help

Are you worried about your child’s poor decision making? low grades? lack of motivation?

Is your teen or family in need of help to get through difficult times? strengthen the family connection through communication?

Is your teen dealing with emotional pain? struggling with anxiety and depression?

Our of ideas on what to do for connection building with your child?

Download the free guide of 16 fun family activities!

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